Digital Piracy

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Piracy of Copyrighted material moved on some time ago from the distribution of physical discs, to the vast and easy digital distribution channels via the internet. The ease of access to thousands of independently owned websites where it is possible to download and stream almost any Film or TV series has meant that digital piracy has now reached endemic proportions. It is easy for most to assume that this crime causes little or even no real harm to anyone, however the reality is that this is the largest threat to the creative industry globally. In the UK alone many thousands of jobs in the creative industries are under threat. Unsurprisingly, the illicit downloading and streaming of copyrighted material are also one of the online activities that are most damaging to rights holders.

Infringing work protected by copyright is prohibited in the UK under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988. It is both a civil and criminal offense. This includes downloading and distributing digital Film and TV content via torrenting (P2P software) websites.

AFL are proud to be able to assist in the effort to curtail the damage currently being inflicted on the creative industries, specifically in the United Kingdom.

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