AFL takes pride in our agility, precision in our markets and in our response to customer needs. We place a significant value on ensuring we remain at the very cutting edge of insurance innovation and work very hard to cultivate and maintain our entrepreneurial environment which supports this. AFL loves creating new and niche products and systems and really adding value to the user experience.

To think outside the box, you have to understand what is already in the box, which we do. We have experience and expertise in all the major classes of insurance and enjoy our trade in those areas immensely. Not everything fits inside those boxes and AFL Specialty recognises and celebrates that fact. This is a landscape which constantly evolves in line with opportunity and delights in bringing tomorrow’s thinking to today’s challenge. Specialty is generally non-traditional, but could include:

  • Media & Entertainment
  • Contingency
  • Healthcare
  • High value PA/Life
  • Sports PA
  • Affinity Schemes
  • Captives & Alternative Risk Transfer Corporate

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