Operating across a broad spectrum of risks, AFL’s Energy team have experience in providing Energy placement services for onshore and offshore upstream, midstream and downstream Energy activities. The programmes we place range from large multinationals to small independents, within the Oil & Gas Energy sectors.

Our team’s comprehensive client insight and in-depth knowledge of the industry enables us to deliver guidance and tailor-made solutions to match our clients’ needs.

Traditional and Renewable Power Generation

Traditional Power

  • Coal, Oil and Waste power plants
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Combined Cycle power plants


Renewable Power

  • Biofuel
  • Geothermal power plants
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Farms

Above and Below Mining

  • Surface mine including Open cast miners, Quarrying, Strip Mining, and Mountain top removal
  • Underground Mines


Political Violence and Political Risk

Political Violence

  • Sabotage and Terrorism
  • Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion
  • Insurrection, Revolution, Coup D’Etat, Mutiny and Rebellion
  • War and Civil War
  • Terrorism Liability
  • Loss of Attraction, Threat and Active Shooter
  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (NCBR)


Political Risk

  • Confiscation
  • Nationalisation
  • Contract Frustration
  • Currency Inconvertibility



  • Cyber Liability cover which protects a company against data breach or malicious cyber-attack that effects its computer system
  • Cyber Cover for physical damage and resultant business interruption due to a cyber-attack



  • Weather and Climate solutions for lack of Sun, Wind and Rain
  • Agriculture solutions


Kidnap and Ransom

Crisis solution covering

  • Extortion
  • Kidnap
  • Detention
  • Hijack
  • Disappearance
  • Security Evacuation
  • Threat

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